LDB launches Young Persons Committee

Hatton Garden, London EC1N

The London Diamond Bourse, aware of the importance of young professionals within the diamond industry, and the significance they deserve, today announced the launch of a Young Persons Committee with 6 young members from the existing membership being tasked with championing new ideas within the industry.

Harry Levy, President of the London Diamond Bourse sad, “Some of the qualities young people offer, such as active thinking, sensitivity to new issues and their powerful innovative potential, are vitally important to the future of the diamond industry. The youth of today are our leader s of tomorrow. We have given these individuals a vision, mission and values to work to alongside the existing LDB and WFDB Code of Conduct and I wish them every success in forfilling these.”

Victoria McKay, Chief Operating Officer said, “Six high calibre candidates have been brought together to further the ultimate aim of engaging the youth of the diamond industry.”

She continued, “This initiative is in response to the need for a forum where younger members can express their opinions, meet other professionals from the industry and share viewpoints with senior representatives of the diamond industry.”

The brief is included below:

• Youth engaged in the diamond industry to design a sustainable future

• To create and nurture a collaborative forum for young people to be heard
• To champion new ideas within the UK Diamond industry
• To promote a realistic image of the UK Diamond industry, its challenges and opportunities
• To bridge the generation gap

• Transparency
• Integrity
• Diversity
• Social responsibility
• Industry stewardship
• Technological innovation
• Long term thinking

Lewis Malka, himself formally of the LDB Board member said, “It gives me great pleasure to see that the London Diamond Bourse has formed a Young Persons Committee and asked me to be the Chair.

I’m especially delighted that there is an opportunity for some of the younger members to be heard. It’s no secret that there is a large generation gap between our older and younger members. What the board has done by forming the young committee is to try and ensure the longevity of the London Diamond Bourse. We have a wonderful new website, some great social media platforms which we utilise and you can’t say that the hierarchy aren’t willing to listen. I’m sure this is the beginning of something wonderful. As for me personally, I am relishing what lays ahead and proud to be involved.

The London Diamond Bourse is a founding member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. One initiative discussed at the WFDB Executive meeting held at LDB in the summer of 2013, was that the WFDB wished to encourage all member countries to actively promote and involve young people in their activities and leadership, be it by nominating a youth from their country to join the WFDB or by forming their own Committee to engage with young people in their bourses and their country on an ongoing basis.

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